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18 Quick Tips for Quality Time while Babysitting

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18 Quick Tips for Quality Time while Babysitting

When I teach my Babysitting class for youth ages 11+, I urge them to use their creativity while babysitting.   I talk about quality time while babysitting so that the children enjoy themselves – versus time watching television or computer games.    Quality time while babysitting is wonderful and helps children develop and be happy – television and computer games is a waste of a beautiful little mind.

Sometimes my students feel stumped about what to do while babysitting when the children DO say, “Let’s watch TV!” and “Let’s play computer games!”    They know what I’ve told them about how invaluable reading to kids is, and how valuable getting little kids to talk and answer questions is.   To dissuade the kids from TV, I realized my students could benefit from a Quick Tip list of things to do with the children; things the babysitter may have forgotten from their own younger years.

I hope you’ll look at my .pdf list – and print it out – 18 Quick Tips for Quality Time While Babysitting.    Hopefully, this list of quality time while babysitting will spark more and more fun ideas!   These young babysitters are SMART and CREATIVE!

Build a FORT!

Build a FORT!

My 18 Quick Tips covers thing to TEACH, things to BUILD, things that ENTERTAIN – and more.   Teach the child how to do a jumping jack!

jumping jack

Jumping Jacks!

I also remind my students that if they engage in quality time while babysitting, the little children will REQUEST them when a babysitter is needed!    That’s very important to them – they want to be a babysitter, their entrepreneurial venture!    They are excited to make money providing just what the parents want – my students are a) kind and b) trained.   Yee ha!

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Jean Lesmeister, 15 year Babysitting CPR, Adult CPR & First Aid Instructor

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

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Best Best Best Toys Ever — Kids 2-8

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Best Best Best Toys Ever

This company in Switzerland makes the best best best toys ever!

Check out the BILIBO!   Check out the OOGI!   Check out the Plui Rain Cloud!

The BEST toys ever.   Really.

Enjoy watching the Bilibo video  of these little kids having a fun, fun time.    Even better than that, this toy nudges them to creativity, it nudges them to explore, it nudges them to develop their ideas.    That is absolutely priceless as they grow.

Enter… BILIBO!


BILIBO – a best best best toys

Here’s the OOGI!    The video that will make you laugh with joy


OOGI – a best best best toys

Explore further what this excellent company has continually been developing!    The Bilibo has been such a success that they just keep creating, making and doing.   More toys.   More fun.   Wonderful.

Here’s the PLUI!    Enjoy


PLUI – a best best best toys

I commend all parentsand babysitters – who keep the TV, computer, video games OFF and stay active with the kids – play, run, jump.

Youth babysitters – use the best toy ever!

I have been teaching young people how to be safe Babysitters for over 16 years in my classes in Denver, Colorado.    My class covers preventing injuries, diapering/burping, first aid, the choking skills, full CPR and, so importantly, QUALITY TIME!     Studies have shown that busy parents, perhaps both employed, often enjoy too little one-to-one time with their children.   It’s part of why I’m so passionate about babysitters engaging in quality time while babysitting; little kids flourish with attention.     I urge that these young babysitters read to them, read to them, read to them, as well as play with them, play with them, play with them.   I ask them:  Have you ever taught the little child to “bicycle” with their legs in the air?    Have you taught them to balance something on their head or hand and talk across the room?   Have you taught them to balance on one foot while you both count as high as you can go?

Here’s my video urging Babysitters to read to children – please view!

Best wishes – stay safe!


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Jean Lesmeister, 16 year Babysitting CPR, Adult CPR & First Aid Instructor

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

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Did YOU know this about newborns?

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Pictures of Newborns

There is a woman photographer, Fermont Fotografie, who takes pictures of newborns to show what they looked like snuggled up in the womb.     That womb is certainly a very tiny “studio” apartment, isn’t it?    Pretty close quarters…   But amazingly safe and warm and always that SWEET sound of mommy’s heartbeat.     Thuh THUMP   Thuh THUMP    You go, Mommy!


Newborns kick!

We know babies “kick” in the womb and the mother feels it…   So, I’m really looking at this  (I forgot to have kids).   Babies in the womb don’t kick with their TOE (which all sports people do) – they kick with their HEEL?     Who knew?   (Well, your OB/GYN did…)    Do you suppose they also punch out with their fist?    Who knows?

Getting here…

I’m so glad for this little kid!    This little newborn already went through the squeezing of the little cranium – OUCH! – and didn’t know why this hurting thing was happening as she/he passed down this SQUEEZED tube into the world.   Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze – and then:  Oh, NO – what are these terrible things burning my eyes called LIGHTS?     Oh, good, I’m back with Mom, laying on her chest, listening to her heart – but I THINK I’m on the outside…  not on the inside…   What IS outside?    ‘sup with THIS – what is this STUFF on me?    That person just called it a blanket.   DUDE!   What is a BLANKET?   It’s kind of rubbing my skin – I’m just about sure I don’t like it.   I want to be naked.   MOM!   MOM!   MOM!”

So did you know this about newborns?

  • Newborns Have More Bones : When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have 206. Bones fuse together during growth to come up with the new number.
  • Newborns Have No Kneecaps : On birth, babies do not have kneecaps. Rather they have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don’t develop them fully until after six months. Most seen on babies who “army crawl” instead of doing it on all fours.
  • Newborns are seriously sleepy: Newborns will only really be alert for around three minutes in every hour during the day, and even less at night.

Stay tuned for more – I’m finding information about infants and toddlers, next!

Jean Lesmeister, Instructor



Hide the THIMBLE – play time is the best time

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Children can always use more attention – talking, playing, asking them questions, teaching them something new, practice a physical skill (do they know how to do a jumping jack?).

The more time playing and laughing the better; shut off that television and computer.

Please look at my short video about a game my family has played for generations, “Hide The Thimble”.    In fact, I wonder what various names this simple game has in differing regions around our country.    Growing up in MN, we called it Hide The Thimble.    Family stories, family games, family songs are all quality time spent with children.

ThimblesWatch my short video on quality time with children – Hide The Thimble !


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Babysitters, reading “rocks”. Imagination grows with books, not TV.

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Hello, youthful babysitters!    Just a reminder to keep that TV and computer off and *read* to the children.    Telling them stories is also very strong.    Why?   Because they use their imagination – which means brain development!    Yay, brain development.

read to them

I invite you to watch my short video about the benefits of *reading* to the children you’re babysitting.

  • The children benefit enormously – my video lists the many ways!
  • They are getting personal attention, which they need (versus TV)
  • You benefit by growing in your performance skills as a reader!
  • The children will ask for YOU as a babysitter.    That means your little business grows!

Where do you get your books?   FREE at the LIBRARY!   Check out books before babysitting and return them for a whole new set, for next time.    Keep them in your Babysitting Bag.

kids reading

After taking my Babysitting CPR class, you already know about quality time, diapering, first aid, the choking skill, FULL CPR and more!    I urge you to keep a focus on that “quality time” part – read to the children.   I’m glad to have so much positive feedback from so many parents!

From Babysitting CPR and Adult CPR Training JEANius –

Stay safe, get trained, recognize emergencies!    You are most likely to give care to someone you love.

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