Which course best prepares YOUR child to be a safe babysitter? 

COMPARE Babysitting Classes

$35 Small Rec Ctr

$96 Large Rec Ctr

“Made-up” course

NOT agency approved curriculum

$80 class

Babysitting CPR

Training JEANius


$89 class

American Red Cross

  • CPR not included
  • From 2-7 hrs long
  • No book, no video clips
  • No dolls or mannequins used
  • Instructor is a rec ctr employee?  or a business that made up a class?
  • No certification card from Medical Director approved agency.
  • CPR IS included
  • JEANius instructor has 20 years experience CPR, Babysitting, First Aid, AED,  teaches *continually*
  • Thorough instruction – 4+ hour class
  • Excellent book & video clips in class
  • Dolls and mannequins
  • ASHI (American Safety & Health) Certification Card

baby w mann

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  • CPR NOT included
  • Instructor a volunteer, only teaching occasionally
  • LONG Class 6.5 hours
  • Book – difficult
  • Dolls and mannequins
  • Certification card