Put an infant in a box – really

An Infant in a box – REALLY?

Who would put an infant in a box?   Well, hopefully, new parents in Denver will!

Denver Public Health hopes to soon begin a campaign distributing free baby sleep boxes across the city, a first, modest step in Colorado to help new parents gain access to a simple tool that health experts say could greatly reduce infant mortality.   Please check out this Denver Post article referencing Denver Public Health.

The leading cause of death in infants – that’s birth to age one – is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).    It is believed that this tragic occurrence, happening during their sleep, is likely caused by suffocating due to items in the crib with them   Doctors recommend *nothing* in the crib with an infant.

In this Children’s Hospital of Colorado excellent information about SIDS, there is a long list of things to AVOID so the infant stays safe.   Two of these are:

  • Sleeping on a sofa, adult bed or other soft surface
  • Sleeping in the same bed with someone else, including a parent or sibling (called “co-sleeping” or “co-bedding”)

Infant in a Box.   Yes, really!

infant in a box

Infant in a Box

A small, safe place to sleep – these infant sleep cardboard boxes (used for many years in Europe, already) – are a simple and wonderful solution to the two dangerous situations listed above.

Despite years of research, doctors don’t know why SIDS strikes some infants.     However, we do have accurate numbers of its occurrence.   In Colorado, between 50 and 80 babies have died from SIDS each year since 2004.

Safe sleeping is a goal that every parent – and babysitter – can commit to by following the advice from our excellent Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

Stay Safe!


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