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“Great class!!!! My 14 year old daughter learned some valuable lessons. I think this will make her a much better babysitter as well as gives her confidence in knowing how to handle possible emergency situations.   Jean taught the class with a very upbeat, energetic, fun and interesting manner. I came in on the last 20 mins of the class to wait for  my daughter and I learned some new CPR techniques!!!”   Thanks!!!!
B. Ray, parent

“My girls loved the class and learned a ton. They told me all about the household hazard exercise and CPR. Thank you. They also said you were a VERY good teacher.”
Maria, parent

“Bridget and Michelle loved your class. They learned a lot and told me all about how to perform CPR on the way home. Thank you so much!”
Teresa, parent

“Kieran loved the class Jean, he was so surprised at how fast the 4 hours went and feels very capable now of babysitting all ages and stages of kids! Thank you!”
Kathleen, parent

“Thank you again for a fantastic class on Sunday at Southglenn. Zach and Lindsey learned so much and are very excited for their upcoming baby-sitting adventures. Your teaching was life changing! Thank you!”
Melanie, parent

“The class was awesome. Jean makes it so much fun to learn the skills. We learned a lot and I feel very ready to babysit.”
Piper, student

“I wanted to give you positive feedback on the class. I felt you were very passionate about teaching this class and it really showed. Thank you for offering to let the parents come back at the end to see the CPR training, or to even sit through the entire class. I really liked being able to sit in and get some refreshers on CPR and be able to know what was taught so I could go over it with my daughter. After sitting in on the last 2-1/2 hours of the class. I felt there was so much good information packed into this amount of time. I thought you were more than patient with the kids and felt that the class ran over because of all the questions being asked and I noticed how you wanted to make sure you answered every one. Even when the girls tried to get silly you were able to politely steer the class back in the right direction. I appreciated how you made sure that the kids really “got it”.
Mae, parent

“My daughter, Lauren, took your class on Sunday. She had a great time and learned a lot. I am a Pediatrician. Thanks!”
Lisa, parent

“Below is my 13 year old daughter’s feedback on your class this past Sunday. Please also add her email to your list to receive TIPS. Thanks.”
Alicia, parent

“It was soooo fun”
Erin, student

“Hi Jean, Simone learned a lot from the class and feels much more confident as a babysitter now. We were thinking and thinking about a class so when this opportunity came up we were so grateful for it. Thank you so much!”
Dianne, parent

“Hi Ms. Jean, this is Ely M. I think that your class was EXTREMELY helpful for one who wants to become a babysitter. It gave me a TON of very important information, and now I feel very prepared to babysit. If anyone asks about a babysitting class, I will recommend this one in a heartbeat! Thank you so much!”
Ely M. Student

“They really seemed engaged, interested, and to have learned a ton. Thank you so very much.”
Debbie, Girl Scout Leader

“Thanks for the class it was great. I have my first babysitting job in three weeks!! Thank you so much.”
Erin C., student

“The class was wonderful and our Girls really enjoyed it. I have never seen them stay focused that long. Great job! I will recommend you every chance I get. Thanks again for what you do!”
Susie, Girl Scout Leader

“This is Anna E. I participated in your babysitting class today, April 21. I just wanted to say thank you for everything I learned today and for the great job you do. You save many children and adults lives each year, each class, you teach. I really appreciate the knowledge you share with us. You are a life saver. I will never forget you. Not only did you help us learn how to handle the serious scary problems that might happen, but, you also told us how to be a great babysitter. I really want to thank you for all that I learned today. You have made me and many other people, better people. I hope that we see each other again. You are very inspirational Ms. Jean. Thank you once again. With great thanks”
Anna, student

“Sophie really enjoyed the class – I think the CPR training made a particular impression on her, as did your stories! Thank you for spending your day with the girls!”
Brooke, parent

“We, all three of us at this table, were just talking about how we feel so much more ready. Like we really know what to do, now. We all agree. We just wanted you to know…”
Becca, 12 years old

“My sons took the babysitting class – they just LOVED her and were able to relay the entire class to me, afterwards! I am VERY impressed.”
Kathy, parent

“Our youth program has utilized Jean Lesmeister’s JEANius babysitter training services for 10 years, now. It has become a very successful yearly program due largely, I believe, to Jean. She relates very well to the students and never for a moment lets them forget the importance of what they are learning. Fate brought Jean to my attention. Now, I wouldn’t work with anyone else! She holds their attention the entire time. Using enthusiasm, drama and passion, she not only conveys the information, but makes the class memorable and fun! Jean Lesmeister is the best in the business!”
Elsa Wolff, Youth Director, WaterStone Community Church

“The girls in our girl scout troop learned invaluable lessons from Jean. Her class taught them to be more self confident and prepared them for becoming a reliable babysitter. Jean makes learning fun and it’s easy to see how much she cares.”
Susie, Girl Scout Troop Leader