Can I offer you a great opportunity to build loyalty with your clients?

Perhaps you connect with your clients by phone or email and NOT face-to-face very often?armful

Offer them a relationship building, goodwill *perk*.    Invite your clients to your conference room or lobby for a 2-hour evening CPR class.

Training to save the life of a loved one is priceless.   Be the person who offers it to them!

Is someone choking?   Did someone collapse?   4 out of 5 cardiac arrests occur in the home.   CPR provided immediately can double and tripe the chance of survival.

If you give them something THEY NEED, will you be the “good guy“?    YES!

Here’s my proposal to you – let’s get you in front of your clients!


Jean, the Instructor

You have a conference room and a list of clients I am a humorous and highly skilled 18-year instructor of CPR and First Aid
Your CLIENT pays for the class   (see note, below) I provide an online registration link for your clients to register and pay the $55 fee.
You inform your clients about the opportunity to get trained, with the link, so all is handled in advance of the evening I arrive with 3 sizes of mannequins and training skills to give them a delightful, easy CPR/AED class
After the 2 hour evening class, you might provide tasty treats while everyone networks – and enjoys themselves I quickly email electronic 2-year Certification Cards  ( w/online access to the class manual)
 I need 5+ paying students to hold the class (max 16)

NOTE:   You may provide space, only, OR you  may pay some of all of the fee, as a gift to your clients!    It’s up to you, the business owner.


YOU are the “good guy” for setting up a CPR class, a class they’ve felt they “should take”.

YOU get to smile and talk with your clients face-to-face.

Give me a call – let’s set up a class for your clients!