7 Ways to Fight the Flu

By November 8, 2014Blog, Youth Babysitter Tips

Hello Babysitters and Families

Do you remember how, in class, we talked quite a bit about the importance of HAND WASHING in your life – whether you’re babysitting or have come home from school?

You’ve collected lots of germs and virus and bacteria and stuff on your hands.

I hope this chart is a quick reminder and helper for you.    Tell your family.   Tell your friends.

One thing – it says to sneeze or cough into your elbow.   YES, that’s if the sneeze “sneaks up on you“.   But the BEST thing you can do is always have a handkerchief in your pocket to grab if you’re going to sneeze.    The handkerchief or tissue catches 100% of the saliva blowing out of your mouth.   (eh, I know…  But that’s how we spread disease!)     Studies show that using your elbow still allows some germs and saliva to fly around the elbow out as far as 3-4 feet!    It’s better than not covering the sneeze, at all – but NOTHING beats a handkerchief or tissue.

So – here’s a quiz from class – HOW LONG should you wash your hands (vigorously, with soap)?

  • 10 seconds
  • 15 seconds
  • 20 seconds


You’re RIGHT – 20 seconds is what is recommended.    Tell your family.   Tell your friends.

7 really the one

Stay safe!   Stay healthy!

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