CPR Training improvements quiz. Learn changes at a “CPR Party”.

Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

CPR Training improvements

CPR Training improvements!   The major CPR training agencies convened in 2015 to again adjust CPR protocols with the objective of making learning CPR even easier.   As a Training Center for the American Safety and Health Institute and owner of EasyCPR-Denver, I love that!  The goal is always to save lives and, from those earlier days when training had too many steps, we have evolved to excellent clarity about CPR.   It is easier than ever to understand why we perform CPR, how to perform CPR – all with fewer steps to ascertain whether CPR is/isn’t needed.    We also have Compression-Only CPR!

I have enjoyed teaching for 16 years Babysitting CPR Safety classes for age 11-15 so they can be safe babysitters, understanding diapering, basic first aid, shaken baby syndrome, quality time and, yes, FULL CPR.    However, I find that the same conscientious parents wanting their youth to be trained before babysitting, can somehow believe the need to give care “won’t happen to THEM”.    The 12 year old is trained, now – are her/his parents?   Sadly, often not!   In their household, the 12 year old knows what to do – but nobody else!

CPR Training improvements

CPR Training improvements – learn them!

How long ago did you take CPR?

Perhaps those parents got training once – but that was when the current 12 year old was a newborn, perhaps?    That’s a LONG time ago…   There have been CPR Training improvements!  Things have changed for the better and it’s ever more important to be ready to give care.   We are MOST likely to give care to someone we love.     Can Grandma choke?   Is the three year old choking?   Does the 42 year old aunt need CPR?    Is the 22 year old unconscious and starts to vomit?


CPR Training improvements

You feel confident to perform CPR!

Here’s a quiz for you:    (answers below)

  1. Are a heart attack and a cardiac arrest different?
  2. If I can’t wake the person up, but they are breathing, should I give them CPR?
  3. If someone is coughing and coughing to dislodge something in their throat, do I smack their back?
  4. Do more women die of cancer or heart disease?
  5. Is the main symptom for heart trouble, for everyone, chest pain?
  6. If the person in trouble doesn’t want my help and insists that I not call 911 – should I obey?


Be ready.   Get trained.    The 2-hour CPR class covers CPR and the choking skills.   I teach “CPR Parties” at your home or business.   I call them “parties” because you can follow the class with a friendly social time, whether at your home with loved ones or at your business with clients.   Call me so I can explain how easy it is – I’m EasyCPR-Denver!



  1. Yes, a heart attack is a circulation problem (a clog) while a cardiac arrest is an electrical problem, the rhythm is unhealthy
  2. No, you only perform CPR when the person is both unconscious and not breathing
  3. No, doctors have decided this is ineffective; maybe even counterproductive
  4. Heart disease.   1 in 3 women die of heart disease.
  5. No.  Chest pain is a symptom for men but might completely absent in women.   Women have different symptoms.
  6. No.  You must have their permission to touch them.   You do not need their permission to call 911.


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Jean Lesmeister, 15 year Babysitting CPR, Adult CPR & First Aid Instructor

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

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