Screen Time for Kids – Not Much

Screen Time for Kids

Everyone knows the story about the internet:  earliest impressions were “Internet allows for massive knowledge and learning”, “Internet is a vast and amazing library”.   BUT, next came the shock of discovering violence/crime on the internet, predators on the internet, vicious games on the internet, etc.   So, here we are, today, with the big questions of internet security and how much Screen Time for Kids “should” there be?


Screen Time for Kids? Not much!

For over 16 years, I’ve been teaching Babysitting CPR classes in the Denver area  (age 11-15).    Besides first aid, diapering, burping, preventing injury, FULL CPR – lots and lots of content – I spend considerable time talking to them about Quality Time while Babysitting.    It is, of course, not only wonderful for the children to get attention, to be read to, to be played with, it is a great investment in their small business!   I remind my students that children are asked by their parents who they want for a babysitter – I tell my students that *they* will be the ones wanted if the children have a nice time with them, affectionate time, creative time, PERSONAL time.   That, of course, means no computer or TV time whenever possible.

Screen Time for Kids?   NOT MUCH

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers some excellent advice about screen time for children ranging from little toddlers to older teens.    Great advice!

The Academy breaks down their advice into two categories – advice for children up to age 5 and for ages 5-18.    CBS News has offered a snap shot view of the recommendations.

What I really like about the advice is that it stresses what to do “instead” with the child – play, exercise, dining, and more.    For instance, no computer in the bedroom!    It’s a strong message; limit screen time and activities to do, instead.


Screen time? No – unless it’s video chatting

Parents are busy – it can be too easy to “plop the kid in front of the screen”.

I hope you benefit from the advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics!

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Jean Lesmeister, 16 year Babysitting CPR, Adult CPR & First Aid Instructor

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

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