Toddlers With Guns

Some people are choosing to own guns.   So, there are guns in their home.     On the tragic rise is toddlers with guns – because people are NOT safely storing their guns.

Little kids are getting killed.   Little kids are killing.   Because they FOUND THE GUN!

Of course, little kids don’t know the danger of a gun but only have seen them fired on TV – you just point it and shoot, right?

So they do.   At their little sister.   At their mom.   At anyone.

This a story about a 2 year old in the car’s back seat who reached under the driver’s seat, located a gun and then shot his mother – and killed her, as she drove.   Embedded in this Washington Post article are links to more and more stories of small children shooting others with guns.    It’s on the rise.     Read each tragic story.    It’s happening.    This article, alone, references at least four incidents.

This Denver Post article, dated May 1, 2016 is entitled, “Toddlers Have Shot 23 People in the U.S. This Year“.


Toddlers With Guns.   WHO leaves guns where tiny people can find them?

access drawer 1

Finding a gun in a                   drawer

Child in a Boat With No Life Jacket.     SERIOUSLY?

I grew up in MN, land of 10,000 lakes, where there are lots and lots and lots of boat and swimming activities.    Regardless the many responsible parents, there were/are continual stories of drownings because a boat overturned and the little kids did not have on life jackets.   What is more obvious than a life jacket on a child when in a boat?     Equally, what is more OBVIOUS than storing your gun somewhere completely safe?

access drawer 2

What’s THAT in this                          drawer?

I’ve been teaching Babysitting Safety/CPR to youth age 11+ for 16 years, now.   Only recently have I begun to add to class this piece of advice, “I recommend you talk to your parents about if the babysitting home has a gun somewhere and is it SAFELY stored?”   I want no one to get hurt with a gun – but a young babysitter may not be aware of the potential danger to their own life.    I never thought to add this warning until teaching classes now, in 2016.   It’s a real issue.   And how utterly stupid that it’s happening at all!

Good Golly Miss Molly…

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