Children’s Hospital – Climbing danger

Keep Kids Safe

Having taught CPR, First Aid and Babysitting Safety for 15 years, I have been told sooooo many stories from students of all ages of what they experienced within their families.   It’s amazing – the 6 year old nephew who… the 35 year old uncle who…  the time the baby…  the toddler who climbed up…

I always commend my students, any age,  for getting trained.   Accidents can happen so very quickly, so unexpectedly.   Especially with children it seems you “just looked away” for a moment.

It happened so quickly…  Climbing Danger

One youth student shared that he’d broken a piggy bank as a small boy and then proceeded to eat $3.25 worth of quarters before his father came upon him – off to the doctor!   Another young student shared that she methodically put small beads into her ear canal, thinking it was adding jewelry to herself – jewelry like mommy – off to the doctor!   And let’s not forget how many little kids shove peanuts up their noses…

But there are tragic stories, too.    Too many little climbers pull furniture over onto themselves because they tried to climb up – and they are killed by the crashing furniture.

climbing furnitureclimbing furniture3climbing furniture2

It’s always great to have reminders and tips for staying safe and I’m happy to recommend the website of Children’s Hospital Colorado .   It’s a great hospital – and on their website they link to another great agency, Safe Kids Denver.     Visit their site when you’re sipping a cup of coffee to get a safety reminder – you may be glad you did.   These tips are not just helpful for you, but can be shared with your babysitter or nanny or relatives and friends.

Please get trained

Keep kids SAFE.   And, if you haven’t taken CPR/choking skills class, ever – please get trained.   If it’s been a while since you took a class – please renew.    There are changing protocols as medical directors continue to work towards more of the public being trained and dispensing with complex class curricula.

I teach EasyCPR-Denver.    No more written tests – how intimidating written tests are!   No more stressful observation-testing of the skills – oh, dear.     My class is focused, friendly, with humor.    (Adding chuckles to a class makes retention skyrocket – and that’s the objective!)


Jean Lesmeister    Denver, CO