Child climbing injury – pull furniture over

Child Climbing Injury

A child climbing injury works out to be this sad report – at least one child dies every two weeks from pulling heavy furniture pieces over onto themselves.    The subsequent impact to their skull and body can be fatal.   Add the element of how long it takes to find that they are lying injured.   That can decrease the potential for survival.

Of course, it is hoped that a child climbing incident will not be fatal – regardless, the falling furniture can certainly cause a child climbing injury!    Guard against this sad reality – children like to climb!   They are curious!


falling furniture3

Child Climbing Injury – INFORMATION!

This excellent Home Safety video offered by the San Francisco Globe shows how easily a child climbing injury can happen, using a child mannequin as the subject.    It also offers a very clear guide how to fasten furniture, easily, and avoid this too-common tragedy.    Injury is dreadful – death is tragic.

The footage shows a number of different pieces of furniture and how easily the small weight of a child can still pull it over.    Little kids like to climb!

 falling furniture5

I’m attaching a chart that shows, in the home,

what room is most common, what age is most common – and much more.

This chart is from the Neighborhood Safety Network (NSN)


It is recommended that you secure furniture to the wall.   

Even better, IKEA offers free furniture securing hardware.   That’s so excellent!

Learn more about Ikea’s offer from Mommy Nearest!  

Stay safe!


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