Babysitters, reading “rocks”. Imagination grows with books, not TV.

Hello, youthful babysitters!    Just a reminder to keep that TV and computer off and *read* to the children.    Telling them stories is also very strong.    Why?   Because they use their imagination – which means brain development!    Yay, brain development.

read to them

I invite you to watch my short video about the benefits of *reading* to the children you’re babysitting.

  • The children benefit enormously – my video lists the many ways!
  • They are getting personal attention, which they need (versus TV)
  • You benefit by growing in your performance skills as a reader!
  • The children will ask for YOU as a babysitter.    That means your little business grows!

Where do you get your books?   FREE at the LIBRARY!   Check out books before babysitting and return them for a whole new set, for next time.    Keep them in your Babysitting Bag.

kids reading

After taking my Babysitting CPR class, you already know about quality time, diapering, first aid, the choking skill, FULL CPR and more!    I urge you to keep a focus on that “quality time” part – read to the children.   I’m glad to have so much positive feedback from so many parents!

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Stay safe, get trained, recognize emergencies!    You are most likely to give care to someone you love.

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