TV tip-over like falling 10 stories?

TV tip-over

Injuries and accidents happen so VERY quickly.    Adults know a lot about safety and preventing injuries.   Adults have had decades and decades to accumulate experiences, warnings, education and more.   Even so, ADULTS get hurt all too often!    Just think of little kids – they have little or no idea of what can hurt them.   They could fall from that?   They could get burned on that?   That is very sharp?   That could fall on you?   (Like a TV tip-over!)   They just don’t know.

Thus, an injury or accident can occur.    Teaching First Aid and CPR and youth Babysitting CPR (age 11+) for these 15 years, I certainly am passionate about training for safety.   I am also the recipient of a tsunami of stories, over these years.    Students, young or old, will share in class family experiences, their own accident details, or something that happened to their friend…




Little kids climbing up on furniture to get to something they want can cause the furniture – and the TV on top of it – to fall over onto them.    Beyond serious injury, the TV tip-over can cause death.

From the website of Safe Kids Worldwide:

Because of its weight, a 36-inch CRT television falling three feet

creates the same momentum as a 1-year-old child falling 10 stories.

Safe Kids reports, regarding TV & furniture tip-overs:    22,200 children (ages 19 and under) are seen in emergency departments for injuries related to  furniture, appliance and TV tip-overs each year, on average.
IKEA Offers a Helping Hand
As a major furniture provider, IKEA includes free kits to attach furniture to a wall to help prevent child injury and death.     They sell massive amounts of chest of drawers, bookshelves, side tables and more.    This is wonderful that IKEA is committed to this safety issue.
IKEA offers an informational brochure called SECURE IT – Preventing Furniture and TV tip-over Accidents.   The brochure explains the need but also shows how to install a safe wall unit.
Prevent a TV tip-over and other furniture.    It’s always “better to be safe than sorry”.
Stay Safe – Get Trained!
Jean Lesmeister, 15 year CPR & First Aid Training JEANius
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