90% less germs with Fist Bump vs. Hand Shake

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90% Less Germs

There are 90% less germs transmitted if you fist bump vs. handshake.  It’s one more tip to stay healthy.   And never overlook the value of hand washing as often as you can!

We end up touching so many surfaces, each day – door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, hand rails, our very dirty vehicle steering wheel, our very dirty car keys, money, our cell phones, keyboard, computer mouse…  All of these surfaces have germs and bacteria galore.

90% less germs with a FIST BUMP

90% less germs with a FIST BUMP

Our marvelous and amazing bodies fight off germs, bacteria, disease on a continuum.   Yeah, immune system!   We never know how often per day our wonderful immune system steps in there for us, protecting us from infection, virus, disease.    Yeah, immune system!   However, help that good ‘ol immune system out by practicing good hygiene tips – wash your hands often, use a fist bump rather than a hand shake, wipe off surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes.

Studies have brought some interesting information to light about transferring germs via hand shakes.     An article in Medical News Today has some great information.

90% Less Germs is HUGE!

Here are some of the points of interest:

  • germs spread by fist bumps are 90% lower than by handshakes
  • the stronger the handshake clasp, the higher the amount of bacteria is transferred
  • a fist bump happens must faster than a handshake plus a smaller area of the hand is used
fist bump

Short and Sweet

cat fist bump

You go, fist bump!

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