Baby won’t stop crying? Maybe a teething necklace…

When your baby won’t stop crying

“Babies cry a lot—up to 4-5 hours a day can be normal for an infant”, states
Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

As any parent – or babysitter – knows, the reasons are crying range from physical needs to emotional distress.     Little babies are receiving lots and lots of stimulation; sights, smells, sounds, people, pets, voices and more can all lead to overload.     Crying feels like a great idea to them.

The Calm a Crying Baby program at Children’s Hospital is a wonderful site to assist fatigued parents and babysitters.    Particularly, watch the excellent video on the web page about fussing babies, “Crying Happens.  What’s your Plan?”    These medical professionals have a lot to share; I invite you to explore the help.

Another time of distress is when a baby is teething.   Old remedies are resurfacing in today’s world – one of them is the use of AMBER fossilized tree resin jewelry.    Say that again?    Yes, amber from tree resin, worn as jewelry.

amber babyRead about Baltic Amber – Alternative Medicine and visit Sweetbottoms website for more information.

In a previous newsletter, I also recommended skin-to-skin time to soothe babies.   A great idea.

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