Holiday Pet Safety Tips

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Usually I blog about human safety since, for 15 years, I’ve been an Instructor of CPR, youth Babysitting CPR classes, and First Aid.    But, this Holiday Season, it’s very timely to renew a few tips about your PETS and keeping them safe.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips – Prevention is always the best!

At this time of year, there are more things for your pet to chew on, explore and play with.    Yikes.    The Health and Safety Institute has offered a recent blog with great tips from pet professionals.

The new presence in the living room of extension cords can be very dangerous – your animal might bite down on the cord and suffer a huge electrical jolt.   They might eat any number of bad things – treats left out, poison holly/ivy plants, stagnant water in the tree base if you have a natural holiday tree – and more.


New Things to Chew at the Holiday Season!

The Health and Safety Institute borrowed great advice from the ASPCA about Holiday Pet Safety Tips, as well as Veterinarian advice from a college of veterinary medicine.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips – Holiday Stress for Pets as well as Humans

This time of year is full of music, parties, banquets, visiting relatives, loud noises, loud laughter – all the FUN STUFF.   But that fun stuff, for you, may not be at all fun for your pet.    Check out these stress-free tips for your pet.

Personally, I’ve experienced being present in a home when the cat bit down on an electrical cord from under the Christmas tree.    It was a frightening and abrupt thrashing under the tree, the poor cat being bludgeoned with electricity.    The cat survived but was clearly suffering a disability, ever after.

I recently visited a home where the dog was aggressive to visitors, barking often, barking loudly.  I wondered if this season for that family would remain a safe one…

I also recently witnessed a gathering where two owners had brought their dogs with them – and were enjoying conversation with each other – when suddenly the dogs exploded into aggression with each other.   It was sudden and terrifying and one dog was injured.    Will people be bringing their pets to other homes, other sites, for the holidays?

Of course the adage applies – Better Safe Than Sorry.

Have a lovely and safe Holiday SeasonYou AND your pets!


Jean Lesmeister, 15 year Babysitting CPR, Adult CPR & First Aid Instructor

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

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